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The world is changing at a blistering pace. To survive, thrive, and stay ahead of competition, companies are in a race to foster innovation, achieve greater agility, speed time to market and make overall better business decisions. Achieving business agility has never been more critical. Planview’s enterprise Agile planning software empowers organizations like yours to scale Agile and drive Agile transformation by evolving the way products and services get to market, increasing team productivity, and confidently funding the outcomes that matter most to the business.

Planview helps business, technology, and Agile leaders alike eliminate misalignment on key priorities, work inefficiencies, and delivery delays

  • Time to market that is slow and/or unpredictable
  • Funding and capacity constraints that hinder innovation and agility
  • Frequent rework or missed work due to poor hand-offs, unseen dependencies, or too much WIP (work in progress)
  • Lack of visibility into the priorities that matter most to the business
  • Missed market opportunities due to slow pivot or change times
  • Siloes across teams and departments preventing true collaboration and goal sharing

Swiftly plan, fund, and deliver what matters most to your business and your customers

  • Deliver faster and more predictably

    Connect and collaborate across your organization with shared outcomes and holistic strategy-to-execution visibility that speeds delivery and improves time-to-market predictability.
  • Do more with the teams you have

    Reduce rework and workflow inefficiencies with shared goals, visual dependency management, WIP alerts, and capacity alignment to the priorities that matter most.
  • Confidently invest in the right priorities

    Iteratively plan and fund to match strategy and change dynamics. Leverage scenarios and make trade-offs to build and confidently invest in the best plans.

Enterprise Agile planning software capabilities

  • Ensure the organization is aligned to the strategic priorities that matter most.

    • Planview.Me

      Engage in a visually immersive, actionable, and personalized Planview Platform experience. Create unique views based on status, progress, and other data-oriented use cases you need to pinpoint where to focus, issues to address, and risks to mitigate. Take action, investigate, respond, and react with a single click inside a single curated view.

    • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

      Foster an outcome-based approach to strategy and delivery alignment by establishing a clear line of sight into connected work, from the portfolio to the teams, all within a single solution.

    • Lean Business Cases and Demand Intake

      Create a Lean business case to provide just enough information to identify priority initiatives and epics. Easily determine which priorities should be funded, and their potential business impact.

    • Digital Product Insights Dashboard

      Connect software delivery to business outcomes with visibility across the lifecycle of your strategy – from planning to delivery to business impact. Use proactive and predictive value stream management insights to pivot plans and drive on-time delivery.

    • Card Scoring & Prioritization

      Visually and relatively rank work on the criteria that matter most to you and your teams.

    • Backlog Management

      Manage the backlog from the portfolio to the teams. Drag and drop to add, adjust, groom, and prioritize backlog items to ensure the most valuable work is delivered first.

  • Plan and fund the right opportunities.

    • Interactive Roadmaps for Teams

      Translate plans into a visual timeline for achieving your business outcomes and completing deliverables. Use shared, interactive roadmaps to collaborate and communicate direction and expectations throughout delivery.

    • Product and Value Stream Funding

      Shift funding models from projects to persistent products, lines of business or value streams. Ensure teams, teams of teams and value streams are aligned and funded in accordance with strategic priorities.

    • Lean Budgeting

      Set Lean budget guardrails for any portfolio, value stream or investment horizon cohort. Determine the funding parameters and policies for incremental spend based on desired criteria.

    • Scenario Planning and Modeling

      Visualize and compare investment scenario impacts across the organization’s portfolios. Model trade-offs to create the optimal plan.

    • Capacity Planning

      Leverage capacity planning capabilities to plan portfolio, program and team capacity based on funding and desired outcomes.

    • Lean Portfolio Management

      Build agility by changing the way your organization operationally plans, funds, and delivers value. Analyze Lean business cases to incrementally fund value streams and products and leverage real-time feedback loops to make quick pivot decisions.

  • Understand the investments and portfolio financials that drive the business.

    • Portfolio Financials

      Track and manage a portfolio’s costs, benefits, and budget, at a glance.

    • Financial Forecasting

      Anticipate capacity and funding requirements by role, team, skill, and location to gain an early picture of future needs and the impact to costs and budgets.

    • Investment Analysis

      Automatically calculate financial metrics such as ROI, NPV, IRR, and payback period. Use insights to determine investment strategies.

    • Agile Costing and Capitalization

      Easily capture Agile team costs in real time by automating actuals for better capitalization and reporting.

  • Drive connection and collaboration across teams of teams to increase alignment and value delivery.

    • Instant Coffee

      Connect and collaborate in real-time using a built-in virtual whiteboard experience and support Lean Coffee, incremental planning, retrospectives and more.

    • Planning Series

      Centrally define planning and delivery increments and timelines for the organization and/or teams. Use time increments to standardize work and work cadences across teams and boards.

    • Teams of Teams Planning

      Do Program Increment (PI) Planning or Quarterly Planning to plan, coordinate and deliver work across multiple teams leveraging visual Kanban boards to manage, track and connect work.

    • WIP Limits

      Set limits on the number of cards that can be put in any lane or sub-lane on your board or define the number of items that can be assigned to each team member.

    • Card and Board Health

      Understand bottlenecks, delays and overall work item or team health using card and board metrics. Use insights to adjust priorities, manage flow and highlight risks.

    • Dependency Management and Visual

      See work and associated cross-team dependencies to proactively identify and mitigate potential delivery delays.

    • Agile Program Management

      Provide teams and teams of teams with a way to visualize, plan (do PI Planning/Quarterly Planning), and coordinate organizational initiatives quickly, effectively, and with clarity into the value delivered.

    • Agile Integrations

      Leverage the Agile integration capabilities to enable Agile teams in different and disparate Agile execution tools to visually plan, manage, and coordinate their work inside a single solution and with single view into all work.

    • Enterprise Kanban

      Use Kanban boards to visualize work, status, and dependencies between teams, to optimize workflow, improve velocity, and better prioritize efforts for more predictable delivery.

  • Track and measure outcomes and key metrics from the portfolio to the teams.

    • Portfolio Dashboards

      Provide high-level visibility into important metrics and KPIs in an easy to consume view spanning strategy, portfolios, value streams, epics/initiatives, products, and teams.

    • Lean and Agile Metrics

      Use built-in metrics to assess team performance, make sound strategic decisions, and promote continuous improvement without disrupting team productivity.

    • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

      Architect, structure and monitor objectives and key results to realize business outcomes at every level. Ensure funding, budgeting and capacity align to the key results that achieve the desired outcomes.

    • Planview Copilot

      Planview Copilot empowers employees from the team room to the board room with access, connection, and visibility into your organization’s data and the insights hidden within. Converse with and question your data using natural language to glean insights, derive recommendations based on best practices, and inform strategic decisions.

    • AI Help

      Unlock assistance on-demand with AI Help. Transform your Planview Platform experience with the AI Help in-app interface, providing plain text answers to your questions. Access thousands of pages of customer success center help articles and other product- or solution-specific documentation without ever leaving your screen.

    • Sentiment Analysis

      Understand whether a product, project, or work item is truly on track by analyzing the emotional tone and sentiments of comment and status text as well as computational linguistics behind aggregated comments over time. Use the sentiment scores to reveal positive, neutral, or negative insights and make plan or work pivots before delivery is impacted.

    • Summarizers

      Increase efficiency and productivity across your teams. Turn daily and weekly reporting chores into auto-generated insights. Use AI summarizers to save time, enhance knowledge, and provide actionable information by summarizing risks, issues, and work in progress, and even building release notes with the click of a button.

    • Optimizations & Simulations

      Unlock scenario planning and dive into a realm of ‘what-if’ scenarios and trade-off analyses. Explore multiple avenues to pinpoint the most efficient and effective allocation of your capital and capacity for peak performance and strategic success.

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