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Lean and Agile Delivery

Run Lean, scale Agile and transform on your terms and timeline

Planview’s Lean and Agile software enables your organization to embrace new ways of working, unify and tie into financials across the organization, and transform and scale Agile on your terms and timeline.

Where is your organization on the Lean-Agile journey?

  • Overview

    Start here to learn how Planview empowers organizations to connect strategic objectives with Agile team delivery to continuously improve the flow of work, work smarter, and release high-value work faster. Regardless of where your organization is on its journey to becoming a Lean-Agile enterprise, Planview makes it easy to transform and scale Agile on your terms and timeline.

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  • Agile Team Delivery

    Ready to move beyond task–based projects or iterative work to Agile delivery? Are you looking for a solution that works inside IT, but can also introduce and scale Agile outside of IT and software delivery to the rest of the business? Learn how to transform your team experience by optimizing workflow, processes, and value delivery with LeanKit Enterprise Kanban software.

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  • Scaling Agile Teams

    Does your organization have pockets of Agile teams? Are you ready to create the teams of teams or Agile Release Trains (ARTs) that will empower your business to deliver value more frequently? Learn how Planview’s Teams of Teams Bundles gives your Agile teams a way to visualize, plan, coordinate, and deliver your organization’s biggest initiatives quickly, effectively, and with clear visibility into the value delivered.

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  • Lean Portfolio Management

    Is your organization hitting the ceiling with scaling Agile? Maybe it’s time to consider bigger operational changes at the portfolio level. Do you need to change the planning and funding cadences to reflect the dynamic changes of the market and/or customers? Learn how to make the change to quarterly planning and funding with Planview’s Lean Portfolio Management solution.

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Learn more about where Planview can take you on your Lean-Agile journey
Use the Planview Lean-Agile Pathfinder to assess the stage of your organization’s Agile journey and learn where to focus to drive your Agile transformation forward. Go to the Pathfinder

Lean and Agile software for all stages of Agile transformation

Organizations today seek ways to achieve greater agility across the enterprise, faster time to market, and the ability to foster innovation needed to stay ahead of the competition. Choosing the right Lean and Agile software solution can help, but the choice should depend on where your organization is in on the journey to becoming a Lean-Agile enterprise. Whether you are just exploring Lean and Agile, scaling Agile delivery, or seeking to connect your strategic objectives all the way down to your delivery teams, Planview’s Lean and Agile Delivery solution can help. We partner with the best to support large-scale Agile transformations.

Planview offers a scalable enterprise-level Lean Portfolio Management, value-stream planning and Agile delivery solution that enables planning and value delivery from the strategic portfolio level to the Agile team. With transparency into how portfolio initiatives and value streams are progressing across the business and key insight into changes needed across financials, capacity and delivery plans, your entire organization can more fluidly shift to deliver better business outcomes.

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Lean and Agile Software from Planview

Planview’s Lean and Agile Delivery solutions enable organizations to adopt and embrace Lean-Agile practices, scale Agile beyond teams to Agile Release Trains or teams of connected teams and connect strategy to delivery while continuously improving the flow of work, to deliver work smarter and faster. With Planview, choose how you want to scale and when. We’ll help you transform and scale Agile on your terms and timeline.

See our Lean and Agile delivery solution in action

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