Innovative firms deliver more value, faster with the help of Planview’s Value Stream Management Platform (formerly Tasktop VSM)

Fintech startups and digitally native companies are able to rapidly deliver customer-centric software by working in product value streams and optimizing their flow of business value. The leaders in financial services are adopting similar ways of working to enhance the value they’re delivering to customers by shifting to a product-centric model.

The Planview VSM platform helps financial services institutions stay ahead of the pack by adopting the disciplines of Flow and Value Stream Management. In an industry driven by rising customer expectations for new and innovative digital products, VSM is helping give complex institutions a competitive edge.

Put customers at the core, while keeping pace with evolving requirements

Put customers at the core, while keeping pace with evolving requirements

Customer-centricity. Faster time-to-value. Legacy modernization. Financial services is under constant pressure to keep innovating in order to maintain market leadership. The Planview VSM platform gives you clear, simple visibility into fragmented delivery processes and aligns them to business outcomes. Leverage real-time value stream metrics to measure and continuously improve the end-to-end flow of the key software assets in your products.

  • Report on value delivered and build better business cases for tech and platform investments.
  • Tie performance to business outcomes like digital banking adoption or net promoter scores.
  • Expose bottlenecks and see what’s really impacting time-to-market by pinpointing where work is piling up and slowing down.
  • Quantify the price of tech debt and ensure it’s paid down for the next big wave of digital features.

“It’s early in our journey but we’re already seeing value. The teams are committed, excited and engaged and we’re seeing culture improvements because every engineer can now see how their work impacts business delivery and helps support an effective DevOps culture.”

Paul Littlefair

Banking on Flow Metrics – Bank of New Zealand Transformation Journey, 2021 DevOps Enterprise Summit

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