Green Energy Geothermal (GEG)

About Green Energy Geothermal (GEG)

Green Energy Geothermal (GEG) is a supplier of flash-type and modular geothermal wellhead power plants, delivered on a turnkey basis. Founded in 2008, the company is headquartered in London, UK, and has offices in Reykjavik, Iceland; Jakarta, Indonesia; Singapore; Nairobi, Kenya; and Oslo, Norway. GEG has developed a unique power plant system that is prefabricated in ready-to-install modules, that can be commissioned on site within a matter of months. GEG has delivered and built 15 geothermal wellhead power plants ranging in size from 5 – 6.4 MW in Kenya.

The Challenge

Started small back in 2008, the company has now grown up to to more than one hundred staff during construction activities, that are spread across multiple continents. According to Helgi Gunnar Vignisson, GEG Director of Program Planning and Quality, after building its first geothermal plant, the firm realized it needed to find a project management tool, that could help in managing construction schedules, engineering details, and other areas of the operation.

“We were using another software solution in the past, primarily to store documents and send them on to clients,” Vignisson notes. “We realized that we also needed to provide many other details to third parties due to the shear breadth and volume of our work. We needed to provide access rights to contractors we were working with around the world—they needed easier access to our documents.”

The Use Case

The GEG search team considered all of the top project and portfolio management (PPM) solutions on the market, and then narrowed its choices down to three, including Clarizen.

“During our evaluation, I received temporary access to all of the systems we were considering,” says Vignisson. “We needed a PPM solution that was scalable and could grow with our business; one that we could tailor and adapt continuously to our requirements without requiring constant consultancy work.

GEG’s original emphasis on document management has evolved, as the firm’s business has matured and expanded. GEG found Clarizen to be a powerful project scheduling solution. Once it became the accepted focal point for project management, Clarizen has allowed GEG staff around the world to freely connect, communicate, and collaborate.

“Clarizen’s structure has been easy to adapt to our needs. We have the ability to record every collaboration, whether it is a discussion or communication via email – which has eliminated a lot of problems.”

The Results

Green Energy Geothermal has used Clarizen to help it manage the development of all of the geothermal power plants it has built (except its first one). Today, GEG uses Clarizen in multiple ways, including: scheduling and case management, collaboration, reporting, access rights and auditing.

  • Scheduling — GEG has defined its work into work packages (i.e., project scope is partitioned into sections and sub-sections) within Clarizen such as Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Transportation and Construction. “Our work packages provide an overview of tasks—who is working on them, the requirements and timelines associated with specific elements of the work,” notes Vignisson. “We also use Clarizen for punch lists and other forms of project checklists.”
  • KenGen success — Over the past five years, GEG has designed and delivered 15 geothermal wellhead plants to Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen). The power plants have an output capacity of 81 MW, representing 12 percent of the Kenya’s entire geothermal power generation capacity as of 2017. GEG uses Clarizen’s work recording features to track the progress of the firm’s 150 local workers in Kenya. Vignisson explains, “With Clarizen we track how much work is required for each work package, which gives us great visibility into how long the work is taking and allows to us to better manage costs and provide accurate scheduling for future projects. We have now implemented the same for Procurement and Engineering.”
  • Collaboration — Cloud-based Clarizen makes it easy for GEG’s far-flung staff to share resources, develop strategies, and track their progress on multiple, complex power plant development projects. Vignisson says Clarizen is used at meetings to record minutes, provide topics for discussion, and easily escalate issues to management for at-a-glance viewing. “Collaboration is critical for us and Clarizen makes us more effective and efficient,” he notes. “We track non conformities, requests and project changes and connect relevant information, including communication to the tracked object. We feel confident in our ability to maintain our momentum even when employees take their annual leave or even if they leave the company—that knowledge is documented in Clarizen.”
  • Reporting — “Reporting has improved dramatically,” Vignisson says. “We now use dashboards to track progress and pre-empt questions from management and others from the project team. With Clarizen’s easy-to-view charts and diagrams, we find it easy to digest information and quickly route it to the right people.”
  • Case Management, access rights and auditing — GEG uses Clarizen to manage cases and requests for such design documents and supplier bids, which are then either approved or rejected and the results recorded within the request. Clarizen is also at the heart of GEG’s audit management program. “We have an audit program within Clarizen, which we use to detail our audit plans and record the audit results,” notes Vignisson. “We use it to record management system non conformities and observations as well as evaluation, resolution and necessary corrective actions.” The company also uses Clarizen for managing health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks/hazards. “We recently added a new client who provided their own list of hazards (123 items) which they wanted us to control as part of the project,” Vignisson explains. “We imported their HSE list into Clarizen where we can manage it directly. Now our own evaluation and actions is traceable and the information is actively used within Clarizen and open to relevant project stakeholders.”

Looking ahead

  • Shared overview of the status of each project
  • Elimination of “hear say” or inaccurate reporting because key tasks are all recorded in Clarizen
  • Deep insight into the impact of critical decisions
  • 360 degree view of the business and project progress
  • Total control over activities and work effort

“Clarizen’s structure has been easy to adapt to our needs. We have the ability to record every collaboration whether it is a discussion or via email – we have eliminated a lot of problems.” - Helgi Gunnar Vignisson, GEG Director of Program Planning and Quality, Green Energy Geothermal