Obligatoriskt meddelande för avbrutna projekt

Se till att projektledare inkluderar avslutsmeddelanden innan den avbryter ett projekt.

About This App

Projects and Projects teams come and go, but you’ll want to make sure your teams are capturing accumulated knowledge so that future project teams can learn from them.

Whilst many projects may not have formal Lessons Learned processes when they are closed out, the recording of simple Closing Notes is an effective way to bring the project to a formal close.

This app ensures that Project Managers include Closing Notes before cancelling a Project for project governance and accountability reasons.

When a project is cancelled without Closing Notes being inputted, the user gets a prompt with a link to a form to input Closing Notes if they’re ready to do so. The project cannot be cancelled until they input at least some information into the Closing Notes.

Modify the prompt dialog text and extend the input fields in the form to suit your organization process.

Prompt Dialog


Cancellation Notes Form


App Contents

Don’t Cancel Project without Closing NotesA Validation Rule triggered when Closing Notes is empty and a user attempts to cancel the Project.
Cancellation NotesA hidden Custom Action which is opened by clicking the link in the Validation Rule’s dialog prompt.