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Prevent users from reporting fewer than 8 hours per day

About This App

For organizations using daily or weekly timesheet submissions, a simple validation rule prevents Timesheet users from reporting fewer than 8 hours per day.

When users try to submit a week timesheet where they have not completed enough hours, an alert message will block the submission until they have reported the right amount.

Adapt the rule’s evaluation criteria if you would like to exclude certain users from being notified, or if you require a different daily minimum timesheet amount.

This App does not take calendar exception (non-working time such as PTO) into account.

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Rather than blocking users from submitting their timesheets, you may opt to simply notify them. The Time Reporting Compliance app gives users a popup notification instead of preventing submission, and also includes a Contract Hours field which allows you to set varying contractual hour levels instead of an organization-wide amount.