Livscykelpanelen visar vilket skede en begäran befinner sig i, samt andra giltiga skeden i dess livscykel.

About This App

Lifecycle is a panel that displays which state a Request item is in, as well as showing the other valid states in its lifecycle.

Configuring Lifecycle

The panel can be configured by Administrators to display for any case-type item (Issue, Request, Risk, Bug) by modifying the filter in the Visibility Rules section of the panel and adding the relevant states for the items.

Currently Lifecycle is built as a AdaptiveWork Panel. This means that it is fully open for configuration via AdaptiveWork Settings > Configure > Custom Panels and its underlying code (standard HTML, Javascript and CSS) may be freely modified by Administrators with knowledge of these technologies.

Additional configuration or bespoke customization can be performed for you by AdaptiveWork Professional Services team.

Configuring and Displaying Different States

The Data (JSON Format) section of the panel (example below) can be further configured to describe valid state changes of as many state flows as your organization requires.

Lifecycle depictions can be set up for items based on simple field descriptions (e.g. RequestType = “Change Request”, “Submitted,Opened,In Work,Resolved,Closed”).
The order you define in the Data section, determines the order in which the “stepping stones” are displayed in the panel.

In addition, by using standard AdaptiveWork formula syntax, you can set flexible and granular formulas.

Formula Example

“states”: {{
If($EntityType=”EnhancementRequest” && $RequestType =”New Request”,”Submitted,In Work,Resolved”,
If($EntityType=”EnhancementRequest” && $RequestType=”Idea”,”Submitted,Approved,Closed”,
If($EntityType=”EnhancementRequest” && $RequestType=”Change Request”,”Submitted,Approved,Closed”,

Lifecycle Panel Configuration