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Optimize capacity to fuel results for all your efforts

IT Solution: Planning
IT Solution: Planning

Plan for an Optimized Capacity

You’ll only reach your goal with the right people. Planview gives you the industry’s most powerful resource-planning capabilities; gone are the days of over-committed resources, missed milestones, and the resulting portfolio chaos.

Analyze capacity across portfolios and traditional methodologies to staff the highest-value opportunities. Plan for the right mix of internal and external staff by performing employee analysis on factors such as role, location, and cost. Consider project type — shorter-term collaborations in Projectplace vs. broader-scoped initiatives in Planview Enterprise.


Analyze Scenarios and Prioritize Projects

With powerful what-if scenario builders, Planview Enterprise let you see how various projects, their resources, and their financial profiles will impact the portfolio and the company as a whole.

Weigh how brand, competitive, and sustainability drivers will interplay with cost, user demand, supply chain, and other factors, and to further inform your decision.

Now you can objectively prioritize projects by strategic bucket, and be assured of an approach that is aligned with your team’s capabilities and your corporate objectives.

Plan Effort by Request Type

Plan your team’s work by the kind of need: new ideas, on-going projects, maintenance, and service requests. They’re all important, but depending on goals or resources, perhaps not equally so, nor equally attainable.

Planview Enterprise helps you address these questions with a complete approach and repeatable methods that can be applied to all the ways you work.