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Resource Management

Get the right people on the right work at the right time

IT Solution: it resource management software
IT Solution: Resource Management

Optimize Utilization with the Right IT Resource Management Software

With a real-time view into demand and projects already in play, project and resource managers can see what resources should be allocated to what kind of work — shorter-term collaborations vs. broader-scoped initiatives — when, and for how long, with the right IT resource management software.

Develop Your People

Burnout is a top reason for attrition. Keep your talent levels high and your recruitment costs low by leveraging the tools that Planview Enterprise offers to create a robust skills pipeline and cultivate staff areas of interest; this keeps everyone motivated while building up the entire team’s skill set for new endeavors.
it resource management software
Resource Management

Put the Right Resources to Work – Regardless of Location or Team

The right person is a combination of skill set, availability, license to work, ability to communicate…whatever the project requires. Planview Enterprise gives you a dynamic view into all your resources across project teams, departments, the enterprise, geographies, internal vs. external pools, project type – collaborative, agile, or structured: every permutation is included so that you can make the best decision for each project. And with built-in what-if models that let you see the impact on other projects and timelines, you know what the effect will be before you make your decision. Support your resource management efforts with Projectplace. It empowers teams to self-organize for maximum effectiveness while the integration with Planview Enterprise ensures complete visibility into people and financial resources being used. The efficiencies of these Kanban-driven teams not only help drive monetary savings to the bottom line, they optimize worker productivity while increasing staff satisfaction levels.