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Optimize your business flow to deliver more value

with Planview LeanKit Enterprise Kanban software

Planview LeanKit enables engineering teams across all levels of the organization with a visual work delivery tool to apply Lean management principles to their work, helping them work smarter and deliver faster.
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Key Planview LeanKit features

Getting work done is easy when your team has the best project management tools that enable traditional and accidental project managers to plan and execute work with their teams.

  • Process and Work Visualization

    Visually manage work using Kanban boards with the flexibility to easily model any workflow process, regardless of complexity

  • Online Kanban Boards

    LeanKit’s online Kanban boards for Lean and Agile teams helps you visualize your workflow and begin to see things you never saw before.

  • Real-time Work Status

    Drag and drop cards across lanes on a board, with custom categorization labels that represent different types of work, to share up-to-the-minute progress

  • Identify Risks to Delivery

    Visually communicate blocked work and identify process bottlenecks to ensure that risks to flow are addressed as quickly as possible

  • Cross-team Work Connections

    Break down and distribute connected work across teams that visualizes parent-child relationships to easily monitor roll-up statistics and potential issues

  • Work in Process (WIP) Limits

    Set limits on the number of cards that can be put in any lane or sub-lane on your board or define the number of items that can be assigned to each team member

  • Work Planning and Delivery

    Use backlog within each board to plan, organize, and prioritize upcoming work, execute in-progress work, and move it through to completion into delivering value

  • Complex Process Mapping

    Create new or edit existing board layouts by dividing lanes into multiple steps with horizontal swim lanes to represent different workflows on the same board

  • Kanban Board Templates

    Use out-of-the-box board templates to create initial work boards or create your own custom template for repeatable processes

  • Visible Process Policies

    Ensure process consistency across your team: add, update, and share defined policy details for any lane/step in the value stream

  • Contextual Work Collaboration

    Keep communications in context with card comment threads and @mentions, attach documents or images to cards, and share with collaborators

  • Work Item Health and History

    View a complete audit trail of all changes made to a card including WIP limit violations and block/unblock details, lane movements, and assigned users

  • Lean Analytics

    Track and measure how quickly work moves through the process using lead and cycle time metrics to identify opportunities for meaningful improvement

  • Flow Analytics

    See how work flows through your process and determine impact on completion dates, then see where work is stuck in a queue to help get work flowing

  • Agile Team Analytics

    Understand if planned sprint work is tracking to completion goals and see the impact of unplanned work and reliability achieving planned delivery dates

  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities

    Access your Planview LeanKit data in the business intelligence tool of choice to meet your organization’s unique reporting needs

  • Enterprise Integrations

    Integrate Planview LeanKit with your existing enterprise applications, including Agile planning, issue tracking and testing, PPM, ITSM, and service desk tools

  • Search and Filtering

    Quickly locate and navigate to cards on any board and filter board views by user, due date, card type, tag, priority and custom icons to focus on specific items

  • Targeted Notifications

    Subscribe to boards, lanes, and/or cards and receive email notifications about the all changes made to the card

  • Custom Field Data

    Tailor boards to the needs of your business by capturing additional information in custom card fields that are unique to your team

  • Security

    Learn how Planview ensures customer data is kept secure and private while using LeanKit

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Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools

Gartner has named Planview a Leader in the Gartner 2020 “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools”.

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LeanKit Customer Success

“Compared to spreadsheets and list-based tools, using Planview LeanKit makes it a lot easier to organize work based on priority and urgency.”


IT Service Manager at Fortune 100 Global Insurance Company

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“Planview LeanKit is so easy to use, other departments are utilizing it in their own ways to manage work and projects. It’s highly flexible to meet their unique needs while still giving us an organizational view of what is happening across teams and departments.”

Sheri Keller

Agile coach at BECU

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“Within three months, we were able to radically evolve our way of working, by making a shift from silos to becoming an adaptive workforce. I don’t think we could have made that much progress in such a short time without LeanKit.”


VP Compliance at Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

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Connect with the applications you already use

Integrate your existing enterprise applications to keep information flowing between teams and accelerate delivery across the entire value stream. Enterprise integrations offer fully-automated, bi-directional synchronization.

  • Jira
  • ServiceNow
  • Visual Studio
  • SalesForce
  • Slack
  • Github
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