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Strategic Planning

Drive strategy enterprise-wide

Planview’s strategic planning software helps leaders bring strategy to life, from formulation to execution across the organization.

Strategic roadmapping

Drive strategy from the products, applications, and services you deliver

Strategic roadmapping
Strategic roadmapping
Enterprise strategic roadmaps connect strategy with investments, products and applications.

Build roadmaps that connect strategy to the investments and outcomes that drive transformation and execution. With an enterprise roadmap, lead transformational change, measure progress, understand impacts from decisions and adjust dynamically.

Scenario planning

Model trade-offs in constantly changing environments

Scenario planning
Scenario planning
Analyze above / below the line decisions against constraints.

Optimize funding and resource allocation to cross-functional initiatives. Use Strategic Planning to prioritize initiatives, evaluate funding alternatives and compare trade-offs between proposed decisions.

Program management

Deliver the programs that drive innovation and transformational change

Program management
Program management
Balance top down and bottom up program plans.

Execute key strategic initiatives successfully. The program management capabilities provide a lightweight yet robust solution to define plans, track status and measure progress.

Financial and capital planning

Manage strategic funding and performance from strategy to initiatives

Financial and capital planning
Financial and capital planning
Plan and manage financial costs and revenues.

Maximize the ROI from strategic initiatives. An investment-centric approach creates capital plans that integrate strategic and organizational financials to promote visibility and drive performance.

Strategic analytics and dashboards

Measure performance and share progress with dashboards and visualizations

Strategic analytics and dashboards
Strategic analytics and dashboards
Measure strategic performance.

Keep stakeholders informed and engaged with reports, dashboards and interactive visualizations. With a single source for strategic performance, focus on analyzing progress, identifying trends and accelerating your strategy.

Ideation and collaboration

Engage with your organization in creating and executing strategic plans

Ideation and collaboration
Ideation and collaboration
Use Kanban boards to track progress.

Bring virtual, cross-functional teams together to plan and execute strategy. Collaborative workspaces, Kanban boards, and ideation campaigns provide simple ways for all stakeholders and contributors to stay aligned, drive the process and share key information.

Strategic Planning software from Planview

With Planview Enterprise One and Planview Projectplace, organizations can deliver the transformational change necessary to realize their strategy. The strategic, capacity and financial planning capabilities delivered by Planview Enterprise One empowers leaders to define roadmaps, set plans and measure progress. Using Planview Projectplace, teams across and beyond the enterprise can collaborate to manage plans and drive the process.

Strategic Planning software for innovative companies

  • “A strategic roadmap gives you a shared perspective. It gives you a place to talk about the important strategic initiatives for the organization, and fuels passion and focus for the things that matter.”

    Maureen Snowden Senior Program Manager, Abbott Nutrition
    Abbott Nutrition
  • “In the product area, connect that to the strategies which will enable us to do extended profitability analysis. We will see when we make different scenarios in the planning portfolios how that will impact the profitability of the products.”

    Per Brändström Senior Project Manager, Volvo
  • “We went from capitalizing 10 percent of our IT labor to 20 percent, which equated to a multi-million dollar next positive depreciation on our balance sheet. It’s a big win for our finance division.”

    Woody Green IT Finance Manager, American Airlines
    American Airlines
  1. Abbott Nutrition
  2. Volvo
  3. American Airlines

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