Planview VSM Platform (formerly Tasktop VSM)

Measure your DevOps Transformation

  • Measure and improve your DevOps maturity
  • Master three ways of DevOps at scale
  • Focus on business outcomes over activities
  • Create a continuous feedback loop between IT and business
  • Track progress of your iterative DevOps journey against business innovation

DevOps is Only Part of a Bigger Picture

DevOps is Only Part of a Bigger Picture

DevOps only optimizes one part of the value stream. To truly go faster as a business, you need to optimize the whole value stream from customer request to customer delivery. Measure end-to-end systematically remove bottlenecks slowing you down. Track and continuously improve your DevOps transformation.

Focus on end-to-end flow of value-creating and protecting work from ideation to operation.

  • Correlate code releases, changes, and deployments with business results like time-to-market, product quality, and customer retention
  • Combine technical DORA metrics with business-focused VSM metrics to accelerate market response and adaptability
  • Improve leadership decision-making around investment and resources to go faster sooner
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