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As a Project Manager your job is to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. This requires visibility, ability to manage resources, and real-time analytics to make the right decisions. Planview software for project managers enables better management of projects today and improved planning for the future to set the business up for success. From the PMP® certified project manager to the accidental project manager, Planview offers solutions and tools for project managers, no matter how they work.

  • Deliver on-time and on-budget

    How you manage time for your staff and team members has a major impact on the financial performance of your projects. Without real-time views into the time and expenses associated with your projects, you risk overcommitting and underdelivering. Planview software provides a single location to monitor time, budgets, and expenses for your projects. Get data on estimates versus actuals and reduce the risk of running over budget or missing deadlines.

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  • Effectively manage your resources

    If you don’t know what people are working on, you are flying blind. Put the right resources on the right work at the right time: Balance, prioritize, and schedule resource capacity with a real-time view into both future demand and in-flight work. Whether you are managing strategic, operational, or collaborative projects, Planview software for project managers offers resource management capabilities that enable you to optimize resource utilization by role, skillset, or individual.

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  • Improve planning and execution for all types of projects

    Plan, manage, and deliver all types of work – traditional, agile, hybrid, and collaborative, with all of the tools for project management that you need, in one place. Planview PPM software offers Gantt charts, schedule views, project statusing, lifecycle management, time tracking, and more to help improve project planning and execution.

    With collaborative work management, team members get workspaces to execute tasks, collaborative projects, and ongoing team activities. No matter how you work, Planview software empowers project managers to apply the right methodology and optimize project delivery.

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  • Analyze project portfolio performance and focus on business value

    Visibility enables better decisions and more effective communications. Get a clear picture of what is happening with your projects and resources. Configurable dashboards, out of the box reports, and interactive visualizations enable real-time data and insights for your projects by department, program, portfolio, or individual project, enabling informed decisions. Easily drill down from reports and dashboards to get the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you need to improve project execution.

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  • Capture essential time reporting and accurately calculate project resource effort

    Simplify time reporting and manage resource capacity and demand with time actuals by bringing together a PPM-class timesheet in a collaborative work management experience for team members. Consolidate all project data in a single solution to avoid duplicate effort and data loss. IT project management software provides all the tools necessary for project success with your team members in collaborative workspaces, and easily tracks effort for on-time, on-budget execution of projects that align with the business.

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  • No PMP? No problem. Expand outside of IT project management tools

    Not everyone managing a project is a project manager with formal training. If you find your projects are spanning into unstructured, ad hoc, and cross-functional team work, you need a collaborative project management tool. Easy to use and adopt, give your team members a solution that brings teams together to get work done – whether within a department, across departments, across geographies, or with external contributors.

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  • “ProjectPlace literally ticked every single box our CIO outlined – collaboration, task management, mobility, and ease of use.”

    Brian Tharp IT PMO Manager
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