Gainsight Integration

Upprätthåll transparens och samarbete mellan dina team för försäljning, professionella tjänster och kundframgång genom att ge en tydlig bild av kundens upplevelse under introduktionen, införandet och för att behålla kunderna både i Clarizen och Gainsight.

About This App

Gainsight is one of the leading providers of Customer Success Solutions. The application, a app, offers a 360 degree view of customers, including customer’s experience during an onboarding or services project, which is essential for customer acquisition and retention.

The integration adds transparency and alignment across all customer-facing teams to ensure your customer has a consistently excellent experience. It aligns and empowers your Sales, Professional Services and Customer Success teams by providing a clear view of the customer’s experience during onboarding, adoption, and retention stages both in Clarizen and Gainsight.

Essential insight into what was delivered during a project, how the project and relationship progressed, and alerts for any missed milestones can be incorporated into Gainsight for Customer Success, Professional Services, and Support teams to act in unison and manage work and escalations. These insights and data can also be made actionable through workflows, automated email outreach, surveys, and health scores.

In Clarizen, the integration provides valuable real-time insight into the health of the customer by displaying the customer’s current health score, and Calls-to-Action (CTAs) in the activity feed. Executives and key stakeholders (e.g. Project Managers, Account Managers) can leverage the data to monitor progress of all initiatives and escalations.

Installation Pre-Requisites – IMPORTANT

Setting up Clarizen -Gainsight integration requires purchase of a Clarizen Professional Services package which provides you with assistance to set up automations and data mappings.

  1. Clarizen -Salesforce Integration license (if you already have this set up, you can skip this step)
  2. Gainsight app from Salesforce AppExchange (if you already have Gainsight, you can skip this step)
  3. Clarizen -Gainsight Integration license
  4. Clarizen Professional Services package

This app is packaged as part of the Clarizen Salesforce Edition.