Regelefterlevnad vid tidsrapportering

Effektivisera processen för påminnelse och spårning för tidsrapportering. Regelefterlevnad för tidrapportering är en operativ KPI som hjälper organisationer hålla koll på vad deras medarbetare ägnar tid åt.

About This App

Time Reporting Compliance is an operational KPI for organizations to keep track of where their people are spending time.

In order to enjoy visibility over alignment with objectives, key contracts, customer priorities and resourcing it is essential for organizations to monitor this KPI on an ongoing basis and be able to take action to have users fill in their timesheets in a timely manner. This solution provides a set of capabilities to streamline the reminder and tracking process.

Users whose Contract Hours are set are included in this page. This makes it simple to exclude External Partners, Fixed Price Contractors, Executives who do not need to report time by leaving the Contract Hours field empty on their user record.

For the selected week, the Time Reporting Compliance page tracks:

  1. Users who have not reported ANY time at all
  2. Users who have reported less than their contract hours
  3. Users who have reported more than 120% of their contract hours


From the page you can take several actions:

  • send reminders to those who have not reported enough time
  • click directly through to each user’s week timesheet
  • navigate to their Direct Manager’s details page if you need to contact them
  • download the output as a CSV file to track trends over time


By default, the page is available to all Users of all Profiles. To avoid cluttering the Navigation Bar of regular users, consider limiting to Admins, Super Users, or Users with specific profiles.

For more detailed insights, longer date ranges, and utilization KPIs, use the Resource Utilization report.


Note for organizations with 500+ timesheet users:

The Time Reporting Compliance page uses some highly- intensive aggregation functions which are only available to the configuration engine.

In organizations with more than 500 timesheet users, this may result in occasional page timeouts. In such cases, Resource Utilization report is recommended.


The Time Reporting Compliance solution is comprised of:

Regelefterlevnad vid tidsrapporteringAn interactive report page which allows Administrators to track Compliance KPIs for any week as well as send reminders to users who have not reported enough hours or any hours.
The report page is accessed via the Navigation Panel and includes all users who have weekly contract hours defined.
Contract HoursA user-level field which holds weekly contracted hours.
Leave this empty for those users who do not need to be included in time reporting compliance reports
Weekly Timesheet ReminderWhen a user submits their timesheet, a notification is shown if their submitted time for the week is less than what is specified in their contract.