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Program Increment (PI) Planning View

Program Increment (PI) Planning

Program Increment (PI) Planning

Facilitate cross-functional team planning to initiate collaboration, align on priorities, identify dependencies, and allocate work among teams based on capacity and team velocity.

  • Feature Prioritization

    Prioritize features based on key metrics such as size, capacity, velocity and customer value. Use visual boards and reports to balance priorities and clearly communicate a realistic delivery picture.

  • Map Cross-Team Priorities and Capacity

    Leverage increment planning to map and model cross-team capacity to gain an understanding of how the prioritized work is broken down between the teams and when the work is delivered.

  • Perform Iteration Planning

    Visualize the iteration and its relationship to epics and features with Enterprise Kanban boards at scale. Break work into smaller delivery cycles and identify dependencies.

Dependency Management View

Dependency Management

Dependency Management

Manage dependencies across teams with multiple, interconnected boards for tracking the flow of work and visualizing delivery risks.

  • Decompose Work and Identify Connections

    Break down features into stories and tasks. Connect related items to understand dependencies.

  • Visualize Dependencies

    See work and associated cross-team dependencies to proactively identify and mitigate potential delivery delays. Use visual boards to determine work order and prevent further dependency conflicts.

  • Reroute Work to Maintain Flow

    Identify developing issues or potential delays. Redistribute work to capacity-rich teams or re-route work to enable proper delivery sequencing.

Work Delivery Flexibility View

Work Delivery Flexibility

Work Delivery Flexibility

Gain a complete view of work delivery flexibility to track the progress of key initiatives and programs, ensure strategic alignment, and keep stakeholders informed.

  • Team-Defined Workflows

    Foster team autonomy and ways of working. Allow teams to define their preferred process or methodology, including Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, or a customized approach.

  • Connect Agile Execution Tools and Instances

    Connect teams across different agile execution tools and instances with a flexible integration layer. Understand status, coordinate work, and manage dependencies, regardless of tool or process.

  • Portfolio Alignment and Business Outcomes

    Create visibility into progress to ensure top company initiatives and investments support maximum product, portfolio, and customer value.

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