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Agile Program Management

Visual program management for scaling Agile teams and release trains

Planview’s Agile Program Management solution gives your Agile teams a way to visualize, plan, coordinate, and deliver your organization’s biggest initiatives quickly, effectively, and with clear insight into the value delivered.

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Scale Agile with Planview’s Agile Program Management solution

From connecting disparate Agile teams to launching Agile Release Trains, Planview gives your business a way to visualize, plan, and deliver your organization’s biggest initiatives.

What is Agile Program Management?

When an Agile initiative grows within an organization, a disconnect tends to emerge between the way Agile teams form and operate, and the way projects are traditionally executed inside an organization. In order to truly benefit from Agile at scale, a better (more Agile) way to manage the work of interrelated teams must be introduced. Agile Program Management provides a structure for teams to practice Program Increment (PI)/Quarterly Planning, map dependencies between each other, coordinate and manage how their work gets delivered within the team, across multiple teams and across the entire organization.

Is Agile Program Management Different than Scaling Agile?

Most organizations start scaling Agile (adding more Agile teams) because they have big, complex problems that must be solved. They need to take big chunks of work, break them down, and deliver them faster and more effectively.

Scaling Agile is the act of taking what skilled, smaller teams of individuals are using to successfully drive product development and expanding the process, the methodologies – and the benefits – across the organization. This is achieved by connecting teams and teams of teams, and then breaking down multi-faceted initiatives into smaller pieces of work to be worked on simultaneously. Sound familiar?

While Agile Program Management means different things to every organization, simply described it’s labeling the practice of managing, planning and coordinating across Agile teams. It is often viewed as the pinnacle of scaling Agile teams, and scaling team delivery. Implementing Agile Program Management will align teams to a process and planning structure, allowing all Agile teams to work together toward the achievement of key strategic objectives. In a nutshell, Agile Program Management is a key component to successful Agile scaling.

Agile Program Management Solution Bundles

We understand that not all organizations want to transform at the same speed or with the same solutions. That’s why Planview has created different Agile Program Management solution bundles to help your organization on its Lean and Agile journey.

Designed with the growing Agile organization in mind, we offer three bundles designed to fit different sized scaling efforts. Each bundle includes the software, support, education, and implementation services necessary to implement Agile Program Management inside your organization.

  • Harness the power of Agile at scale
  • Effectively manage the work of multiple teams visually
  • Map dependencies and remove roadblocks between teams
  • Sequence features and stories with connected board views
  • Gain visibility and insight into what your Agile teams are working on and when it will be done
  • Manage workflows, make critical business decisions, and time releases

With bundles sized at 50, 100 and 250 seats, your Agile Program Management solution can be up, running, and well-managed in no time.

  • Agile Program Management solution bundles

    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • Planview Software Licensing

  • Full-access LeanKit licenses

    • 50

    • 100

    • 250

  • Planview Agile Integration Capabilities (powered by Tasktop) – supports integrations with Jira, Rally Software, Azure DevOps, and more

    • 1 tool included

    • 1 tool included

    • 1 tool included ​ ​

  • Planview Professional Services​

  • Pre-workshop planning meeting​

    • Yes​

    • Yes​

    • Yes​

  • Multi-day LeanKit workshop (up to 16 hrs of training)​

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • Yes

  • Cadence-based coaching​

    • Up to 8 hours of coaching​

    • Up to 16 hours of coaching​

    • Up to 16 hours of coaching​

  • Tasktop (Agile Integration) Enablement Services​

  • Support through the install, definition, configuration and go-live of Agile tool integrations​

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • Yes

  • Cprime Agile Coaching and Consulting​

  • Coaching and consulting for PI/Quarterly planning and execution​

    • N/A

    • Optional

    • N/A

Easily integrate and consolidate Agile tools

Planview’s Agile solutions give teams the flexibility to continue to use the Agile execution tools they are familiar with or that are already tailored to support their processes. Whether teams use Atlassian Jira, Rally Software by Broadcom, Microsoft Azure DevOps, or Digital.ai (formerly CollabNet VersionOne), Planview allows Agile teams to connect their tool of choice into a program or teams-of-teams board with ease – enabling them to continue delivering value without disruption.

Learn more : Easily integrate and consolidate Agile tools

Get up and running fast with Lean-Agile services experts

No matter where your organization is on the Agile journey, Planview offers comprehensive implementation and product enablement services designed to quickly move your teams and systems to the next level. Delivered remotely and/or onsite, our LeanKit product enablement services cover everything from Kanban basics and Agile best practices to getting teams of teams or Agile Release Trains (ARTs) up and running fast.

For those organizations implementing Lean Portfolio Management, we combine Agile methodology and LeanKit product enablement with our FastTrack implementation services – a proven, analytics-first delivery model that enables customers to accelerate and de-risk the implementation of Planview Enterprise One™ or Planview PPM Pro™. This fixed price, business outcomes-focused approach drives tangible results in 12 weeks or less.

Leverage Agile partners to transform your way

If your organization needs additional assistance, we have you covered. Planview has partnered with best-of-breed Agile partners around the world to make sure your Agile solution is implemented, rolled-out, and driving the business outcomes your organization desires. Regardless of where you are today, our partners can take you where you want to go.

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