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People Leaders

Align strategy and delivery

Deliver better results

Whether you’re a manager, the head of a department, or maybe a VP, you’re a people leader and there are many responsibilities that come with that. Chief among them is understanding the mission/vision of your business as well as your top-level objectives across different intervals of time and imprinting this information on your teams to make it all possible. At the same time, you must set expectations with executive leadership based on insights from your Agile teams

Irrespective of the territory you preside over – whether it’s Dev, Ops, or IT – to do your job effectively, you don’t need static reports that are immediately out of date or access to the minutia of detail housed in team-level tools. No, you need a solution that can help connect strategy to delivery so that you have the insight you need to ensure teams are delivering their most impactful work. You know, real data that can influence the business decision to pivot or persevere, or generally guide strategic decision-making. What’s more, this solution should help keep teams aligned to business objectives, and if and when they change, respond accordingly.

How Planview Can Help?

Align strategy to delivery

Agile Portfolio Kanban Screen for Aligning Strategy to Delivery Se

Effectively align teams to the organization’s goals and enable them to easily adapt as strategy evolves or pivots occur

Deliver with confidence

Agile Portfolio Kanban Screen to Deliver with Confidence Se

Predictably deliver on your commitments with clear line of sight into the work across all of your Agile teams.

Identify risks and remove roadblocks

Exceptions Report for Agile Program Kanban Se

Understand risks to plans resulting from dependency conflicts, blockers, and resource constraints, and help drive proactive measures to enable teams to deliver on time.

Make data-driven decisions

Projections Screen for Agile Program Kanban Se

Use built-in metrics to assess team performance, make sound strategic decisions on what to work on and when, and promote continuous improvement without disrupting team productivity.

Provide executive-level insights

Agile Program Execution Dashboard Se

Deliver real-time analytics and consistent reporting to executive leadership by leveraging the open data access we provide to build custom reporting in tools like Power BI, Tableau, and more.

Maximize ROI

Agile Program Kanban Flow Report Se

See what value is being delivered relative to the expenditure of your teams’ time and effort and adjust your plans and approach to maximize ROI.

Hear what our customers have to say


Synlighet, samarbete, tvärfunktionella team

"Vi använder hierarkierna i LeanKit-tavlan och korten som sprinter så att vi kan se om vi har tvärfunktionella team som arbetar på samma projekt tillsammans, särskilt när projekten har beroenden. Förälder-barn-förhållandet inom korten är jättebra, så att vi kan se vilka beroenden som finns när vi försöker få projekten färdiga."
Granska källan
Beth Noser Applikationsanalytiker
University of Kansas Medical Center
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Flexibilitet, användarvänlighet

”LeanKits användargränssnitt är mycket flexibelt och kraftfullt och samtidigt lätt att använda.”
Granska källan
Ofir C

Read product review:Planview LeanKit™

Implementation, Onboarding

“LeanKit is easy to use and the setup didn’t take a long time.”
Granska källan

Read product review:Planview LeanKit™

Planview LeanKit™

“Agile is a journey, but what’s great about having LeanKit is people can finally see value in what we are asking them to do. When everybody is engaged, they don’t wonder why they’re doing something. They can see how their efforts roll up into achieving overall organizational goals.”
Janette Brace Agile coach
Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU)
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Planview LeanKit™

“We discovered LeanKit was the enabler to extend the Agile mindset beyond the IT department, helping teams who benefit from using Kanban boards.”
Sheri Keller Agile coach
Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU)
Read case study:Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU)

Planview LeanKit™

“When we were comparing tools, we found that Planview LeanKit was distinctively better in flexibility and Kanban board design.”
Alex Agile/Kanban Coach

Read case study:Agile/Kanban Coach
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Planview’s Agile Program Management Solution

Whether you want to coordinate and facilitate Program Increment (PI) or Quarterly planning, launch and manage teams of teams or Agile Release Trains, and/or connect and consolidate disparate Agile teams, Planview’s Agile Program Management solution brings everything together inside highly configurable program boards. Give your Agile teams a way to visualize, plan, coordinate, and deliver your organization’s biggest initiatives quickly, effectively, and with clear insight into the value delivered.

Learn more about Planview’s Agile Program Management solution

by watching our on demand product demo

Watch Demo: Agile Program Management Solution