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Det finns ett djärvt nytt sätt att arbeta

Planview-lösningar gör det möjligt genom att ge dig en enda siktlinje i hela organisationen och hjälpa team att samarbeta för att skapa värde.

Move seamlessly from strategy to successful delivery

Planview solutions make it possible

Lean- och Agile-leverans

Realize Agile-at-scale, from teams to the enterprise

  • Bridge traditional and new ways of work with lean and agile practices tailored to fit your organization’s size and speed
  • Connect the work of multiple teams, regardless of agile work management tool or methodology
  • Fund and resource value streams based on strategic objectives
  • Measure the performance at every level of the value chain
Learn more: Lean and Agile Delivery

Strategisk planering

Driva strategier över hela företaget

  • Build roadmaps that connect strategy to investments and outcomes
  • Optimize funding and resource allocation to cross-functional initiatives
  • Measure performance and share progress
Learn more: Strategic Planning

Hantering av förmågor och teknik

Advance capabilities and technology for digital business

  • Manage your application portfolios to achieve business objectives
  • Visualize the relationships between business capabilities and technologies
  • Standardisera din teknik och sänk kostnaderna, minska riskerna samt säkerställ efterlevnaden
Learn more: Capability and Technology Management

Hantering av utbud och resurser

Evolve your PMO and deliver business results

  • Plan, manage, and deliver all types of work – traditional, iterative, agile, and collaborative
  • Drive a strategic plan while balancing against day-to-day realities
  • Tilldela rätt resurser till rätt arbetsuppgift vid rätt tidpunkt
  • Hantera kostnader mot budgeten och över portföljer
Learn more: Portfolio and Resource Management

Innovation Management

Foster a culture of innovation

  • Ideate at scale and discover actionable crowdsourced ideas from across your organization and ecosystem
  • Advance the best ideas
  • Make informed decisions about which ideas to fund for maximum impact
Learn more: Innovation Management

Hantering av produktutbud

Snabba upp tiden till marknaden och säkerställ att produktleveranser sker i tid

  • Omvandla bra idéer till fantastiska produkter
  • Fokusera dina resurser på vinnande produkter
  • Automate new product innovation using PACE®, Agile, or any other gated or non-gated process methodology
Learn more: Product Portfolio Management

Get work done – no matter how you work

Planview products make it possible

Planview Enterprise One™

Enterprise Portfolio and Resource Management

  • Strategic planning and roadmapping
  • Demand management
  • Project portfolio management (PPM)
  • Capacity planning and resource management
  • Business capability planning
  • Scenario planning
  • Investment prioritization
  • Financial planning
Learn more: Planview Enterprise One™

Planview PPM Pro™ (formerly Innotas®)

Mid-Tier Project Portfolio Management

  • Intake management
  • Prioritization alignment
  • Resource management tools
  • Tidsspårning
  • Project management dashboards and reports
  • Project budget management
  • Prediktiva utbudsanalyser
  • Gantt-tabeller
Learn more: Planview PPM Pro™ (formerly Innotas®)

Planview Projectplace™

Collaborative work management that Empowers Teams

  • Project tracking
  • Kanban-tavlor online
  • Project roadmaps
  • Workload management
  • File sharing and document management
  • Gantt-tabeller online
  • Project dashboards and reporting templates
  • Mobile project management apps
  • Tidsspårning
  • Real-time team communication
Learn more: Planview Projectplace™

Planview LeanKit™

Enterprise Kanban för Lean och Agile

  • Process and work visualization
  • Real-time work status
  • Risk identification
  • Cross-team work connections
  • Complex process mapping
  • Begränsningar för pågående arbete (Work in Process, WIP)
  • Visible process policies
  • Robust analytics
Learn more: Planview LeanKit™

Planview Spigit™

Innovationshantering för företag

  • Enables ideation at scale
  • Patented crowd science algorithms automatically surface the right ideas at the right time
  • Visibility into idea pipeline and portfolio of selected ideas
Learn more: Planview Spigit™

Drive business transformation in your enterprise

It’s possible with Planview as your partner

Chief Information Officer

Drive growth and transformation at speed

  • Bring your digital strategy to life enterprise-wide
  • Embrace the uncertainty of planning in a digital world
  • Achieve organizational agility for strategic execution – at digital speed
  • Advance business capabilities that enable digital transformation
  • Create resource capacity for innovation and transformation
  • Gain insight into performance
Learn more: Chief Information Officer


Be the transformation leader in your business

  • Define a capability and technology roadmap
  • Understand gaps and mature business capabilities for digital strategy
  • Engage with a broader organization to drive change
  • Make informed technology investment decisions
  • Deliver optimized application and technology portfolios
  • Proactively manage the impact of technology lifecycles and mitigate risk
Learn more: Enterprise Architects

Chefer för utveckling av nya produkter (New Product Development, NPD)

Omvandla bra idéer till fantastiska produkter

  • Speed time-to-market
  • Prioritize the project pipeline to achieve your product strategy
  • Focus your resources on the most valuable projects
  • Share NPD portfolio performance dashboards
  • Centralize the idea-to-launch process
  • Improve efficiency with project collaboration
Learn more: New Product Development (NPD) Managers


Improve planning and execution of projects that drive business strategy

  • Deliver on-time and on-budget
  • Effectively manage your resources
  • Improve planning and execution for all types of projects
  • Analyze project portfolio performance and focus on business value
  • Capture essential time reporting and accurately calculate project resource effort
Learn more: Project Managers

Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO) teams

Realize strategy at the speed of digital business

  • Use roadmaps to translate vision into strategic plans
  • Drive better decisions through trade-off analysis
  • Lead the programs that drive innovation and transformational change
  • Manage funding and performance from strategy to initiatives
  • Share progress using executive dashboards and visualizations
  • Engage with your organization to create and execute strategic plans
Learn more: Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO) teams

Portfolio Management Office (PMO) teams

Be a PMO at hyper-speed

  • Analyze portfolio and project performance
  • Prioritize investments to achieve your strategy
  • Capture and align project demand and capacity constraints
  • Effectively manage your resources
  • Deliver on-time and on-budget – for all types of work
  • Take controls of financials across projects and portfolios
Learn more: Portfolio Management Office (PMO) teams


Get the most out of your resources

  • Plan for optimized resource capacity
  • Proactively allocate resources and reallocate as priorities shirt
  • Track resource utilization and maximize realized value
Learn more: Resource Managers